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Moving Forward

It hasn't been uncommon for me to be feeling stuck during the past five years or so. So this is a reminder to myself that I can simply make a step, any small step and move forward.

Moving Forward

And it doesn't necessarily mean that I should physically stand up and do something now, but it could simply be shifting the way I've been thinking about something…

I must say, it does feel good to be sleeping again… :-)

With two little ones, it’s been kinda crazy on the sleeping front, and we're finally over that hump! Ori will be two this month (!!) and we are all sleeping through the night.

So with that came my desire to move forward with my life and do more for myself, on top of taking care of my beautiful family, AND the energy to do so!

I actually take that time now to sit with myself and write in my journal, check off items from my todo list and really make sure that I feel good about where I'm at.

And I do :-)

I feel good. Most of the time ;-) When we came back from our annual Thailand holiday a couple of months ago I started tracking my habits again in my journal, and it feels really good to look at my little colourful calendar and notice what are the things I actually do for myself and reflect on the connection between my habits, emotional state and energy levels.

So sleeping + spring time = me moving forward again.

I'm moving towards feeling more fulfilled with how I spend my time. Meaning, helping those around me feel happier and creating a big ripple effect of happiness in the world.

I’m gonna start teaching yoga again, then Qi gong and meditation and generally spread as many smiles as I can :-)

Hopefully I can shine a light towards your inner self, which is to me have been the most important part of feeling good. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Wanna connect?

Write me your thoughts in a comment ;-)

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