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Women’s Happiness Project

I have been putting my personal happiness as a priority in my life for a while now. In fact, in 2015 I have decided to turn it into my job. My pretend job :-) I was a stay at home mum with only Razi back then and was feeling juuuuust a little bit frustrated and resentful for all the things I thought I should be doing as a part of my role as a stay at home mum.

Women’s Happiness Project

I even wrote down my new job description and all of the things that I will be doing on a daily or weekly basis, and I let it become my reality. Here’s what I wrote:

My job is to be happy :-) I am doing so by:

  • Listening to my favorite inspirational spiritual teachers

  • Letting go of old patterns of behaviour and bad memories

  • Knowing who I used to be and who I wanna become and walking the path towards forgiveness and shamelessness

  • Learning to believe that this is possible for me

  • Being married to this incredible man who makes me happy while attending to his own happiness first

  • Maintaining our beautiful, honest, freeing, encouraging and inspiring relationship and being truly happy together and truly loving being with each other so very much

  • Being a mother to such a generous boy who brings joy to my everyday life. He smiles and laughs and plays and gets excited gazillion times a day, and takes me there with him. (I actually wrote this just a few weeks before I fell pregnant with Ori. Yet another bright light in my life)

  • Practicing specific things which make me happy like journaling and gratefulness, yoga, meditation, qi gong etc.

  • Teaching others what I have learned on my path and receiving happy feedbacks from them.

I put all of my focus and attention on being happy and content with where I was at in my life. Literally forgetting about any other career goals for a while, as a part of this experiment.

It’s not like I am 100% happy all of the time, and I definitely have my share of yucky days and grumpiness and self-judgment for yelling at my kids and all that Jazz. BUT, my strive is to be happy more of the time than not, I am very conscious about that in my everyday life, and I'm learning each day how to be so, more and more. It is more important to me than world news and other people’s expectations of me.


Because I really really really believe and know in my heart that when I am happier, my husband is happier, my kids are happier, I make better choices for the world around me and have so much more willingness to give and to serve, and I’m creating ripples of happiness around me which then affect people even on the other side of the world.

So I wanna be a happiness teacher.

I know it sounds like such a cliche, and that everybody is talking about happiness nowadays, but I have come to realise that this is what really makes me happy and feel fulfilled in my life. Making a difference in somebody else’s life, whether through Chinese Medicine, or yoga or whatever.

I believe that we can learn to be happier. Not the happiest in the whole freaking universe, but happier than we are today, particularly those who believe that they have no chance of being happy in their lives.

Because I used to believe in that. I used to think that my past would burden me forever and ever and that I am doomed.

Then I slowly learned how to heal myself and how to believe that it is truly possible for me to be happy. And through practices like NLP, balancing mind body and spirit, acupuncture, Tibetan healing and so much more, I got to this place of simply being happy.

I am happy being me in this world today.

And I believe, that with intention and practice, I will get to that place which I yearn for, and I will forgive.

And I will shed my shame and I will share myself fully with the world and inspire other women like me to love themselves today. No matter what.

So this lead me to start my Women’s Happiness Project.

We opened our first group last year and we are still going strong with getting together and having some fun.

It is time to start another group and we have room for a couple more ladies! :-)

We get together in person every week for a private session of checking in, meditation and connection. You get to decide what it is that you’d like to share and focus on and I get to guide you with some helpful tips from the Chinese Medicine world, including specific Qi Gong practices, nutritional advice etc.

We also get together as a group for a beautiful weekly women’s circle, where we get to share with each other in a supportive environment, about our personal journeys. These circles include meditation, yoga, qi gong, and loving sisterhood.

Leave me a message here or write to me at with any question you may have and I hope you join us :)

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