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A Year For Me

I am so happy being where I’m at, living the life that I’m living, sharing my days with my happy boys.

All I ever wished for, for a very long time, pretty much since high school, was to not need to get up every day and go to work. I never really felt like I had any choice in the matter. I had to go to school because my parents told me to, then I had to join the military service in Israel because my country told me so, and then I had to get a job so that I could feel at least a little independent, but really, I was not free to choose the life that I wanted.

A Year For Me

Holidaying in NZ

Nowadays I am feeling so lucky for the opportunity I have to stay home with my kids, while doing something that I truly love and feel so satisfied from, like teaching yoga and facilitating the space for others to feel more connected within themselves.

It took me some time to feel ok with the fact that I’m not earning my own money and support myself, and I know that for a lot of families the choice to stay home is accompanied with the lifestyle sacrifice, but for me, it always seemed like the only choice. And the reality of our lives is that our lifestyle just keeps getting better and better.

So with our third baby growing happily in my tummy, it is also very clear to me that I am staying home for a bit longer. I am free to stay home with my baby and not push myself to get out of the house in the mornings to work for someone else and stretch myself to the limit.

I know that other mums feel differently, but for me, now that I am finally at peace with the fact that Ben is our main provider, OMG, that just feels Amazing.

And because this year is all about me nourishing myself and my new baby, I have decided to dive deeper into the connection I have with my inner self and the universe.

My goal for the year is to feel more connected to my creative power and explore the possibilities of truly trusting in the divine timing and the power of feeling happy, joyful, playful and appreciative.

I first learned about the law of attraction when I was living in China and had so much time to myself (in between studying) to be playful with my thoughts and start designing the life that I wanted. I wasn’t the happiest person back then, but I was A LOT happier than I ever was, after some years of therapy and releasing past traumas.

So that year was for me transformative. I found the book “Ask And It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks and it really resonated with me. It allowed me to believe in myself. Believe that I am here, living life, just for the purpose of feeling good. And nothing else matters. When you feel good, good feeling things come to you, and when you learn how to separate yourself from the need of external things to make you feel good and reach for feeling good first, man, that was so freeing for me.

So many amazing beautiful people and experiences have come into my life since that year when I dedicated myself to me, with so many divine meetings and opportunities, that I am a true believer in the power of feeling happy.

When I found out last year that we are going to have another baby, I felt a bit like all the good things that I have going on in my life are about to come to an end, like writing, and teaching and starting my Women Happiness Project (and sleeping). So I have decided to go back to basics, remind myself that this is something that I want, and that I have the power to BE the me that I want to be. Besides, this baby is going to be the best sleeper ;-)

So my daily goal is to remind myself to connect.

Take a breath, laugh with my family, dance to my favourite tunes, have a royal bath (like I did just before) and listen to my inner voice.

I know that’s where all of my inspiration comes from, and I know that that’s also where my feeling of authenticity comes from. The real me. The me who LOVES.

What do you reckon?

Would you like to be a part of our Women Happiness Project, where we tune in to the power of designing the lives we wanna live and following our own trail of happiness?

Contact me if you do.

Love you lots :-)


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