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Being nicer to myself

While being pregnant with my third baby, I already knew that I won’t have much time for myself or for anything really. So I decided to give myself a break, and not let any of the self criticism rise too much about all the things I should or could be doing, when all I really want to do is rest.

It is probably the best decision I have ever made. It really allows me to stop beating up on myself.

Reading in the middle of the day

Reading a book in the middle of the day(!!)

I started being nicer to myself, appreciating everything that I do actually do and love my family without the pressure of needing to be perfect.

My stress levels are way lower now in comparison to when I had baby #1 and baby #2. It is so much more fun this way :-)

I try to imagine myself being like this cute little one in front of me, and I let myself believe that I am also deserving of love. That I am lovable for just being me and for no other reason.

My baby is so loved and is so deserving of love - can I pretend to be one too? Just for a moment allowing myself to feel worthy and giving myself whatever it is that I am craving for. A hot drink, a yummy meal, a beautiful bath. A break. A sleep in.

Being nice to myself instead of angry or disappointed.

It made such a difference for me in this year of giving myself fully to my babies. I try my best to be nicer to them and to me.

We all fuck up, we all make mistakes, but if we can just remember that we are still worthy of all the love, oh what a wonderful world it would be ;-)

Please know that there is nothing you need to do, nothing to accomplish in order for you to be more loved.

You are already good enough just by being you. You are enough and you are loved.

So I’d like to ask you this -

How could you be nicer to yourself today?

Please share with us :)

I’d love to help encourage you to be nicer to yourself more often ;-)

With love Miri

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