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A Special Invitation

In my early twenties I was dating someone who insisted that I take a self test to see how badly depressed I was. I was so resistant to that idea and thought that HE was the one who was depressed and should just leave me be. He was actually depressed and was taking medications to help with his anxiety, and I guess maybe that’s how he knew that I was too. I had noooo idea. I was so protective of my own bubble that I didn’t even stop to think that it wasn’t normal the way that I was feeling.

A Special Invitation

Another friend had told me the same thing, and he wasn’t even that close to me, that’s why I was so surprised! By that time I had already put up so many walls around me that I was very confused about the crazy dissonance between my “normal” outside life and my inner world.

I guess I reached a low enough point that I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t fake being happy anymore to my outside world. And I started looking deep within myself. It’s funny how clearly I can remember that moment when I felt everything is about to change for me. I came back home from visiting my friend who confronted me for being superficial (what?!), feeling very low, and I stood in front of the mirror staring into my own eyes for a long while. I stayed there until I felt like I could really see myself. The me who was hiding behind all of these ideas of what life is all about. And I said “Hi”.

That moment was a true shift for me, because I saw myself. I saw myself deep in there and I wasn’t going to let myself hide any longer.

I took myself on a journey of exploration, and through years of practicing different types of healing modalities, travel and real curiosity for the abilities of our minds, I slowly but surely peeled off layers and layers of limiting beliefs, judgments and anger.

I too am a part of the #meToo stats. And even though I already knew that there are a lot of people hurting from this, the massive explosion of this movement really made it clear that it is everywhere. And that makes a huge difference to somebody who felt guilt and shame and the need to hide themselves for so many years.

But I know now that change is possible (who said change is all there is? ;-))

I know with full clarity that this suffering doesn't need to stay forever. We can grow past it. We can transform our “bad” experiences into power. We are strong, and can become even stronger, more loving, more caring and more awesome despite and because of our experiences.

So why am I sharing this?

Well because I might be able to help you in some way. I know what it feels like to believe that there is no hope for you. Believing that you could never be truly happy. Truly loved. And always always sad. Sad and afraid. That was my experience.

But no more. I have completely transformed my life and the way that I feel on a daily basis. And I’ve done that by learning how to connect to myself. And it is simple. Not always easy, but very simple. There are many ways to do so and each person has different things that make their heart sing, but we’re all the same in the sense that we know what feels good for us and what doesn’t, and when we learn to listen to that and trust ourselves - that’s where the change comes from.

I am super passionate about the field of well being and longevity and I find it easy to show people the connections between their emotional and physical well being. Using the holistic ideas behind the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we can find a relief in our emotional well being by treating the physical body, and vice versa.

Do you suffer from PTSD?

Is it stopping you from being happier?

Is there anything annoying that you just learnt to live with? Like PMS, headaches, digestive issues, sleeping disorders, recurring UTI's, to name a few. Or do you tell yourself that it’s just who you are, or that it runs in your family?

I am looking for five women who are wanting to create change in their lives.

If that’s you, then please contact me and I'll let you know if I can help you.

I am offering free one on one sessions once a week for a period of 5 weeks, which may include a full TCM diagnosis, a tuina massage, personal TCM nutrition advice, personalised Qi Gong practice, specific meditations to target your issues and a lot of love from me.

Also, we will have one group session a week, which will include a Qi gong practice and general wellbeing meditation.

All for free - but you need to be committed. You need to come to all of our private and group sessions and do your homework (don't worry, it's not maths).

Are you interested?

How exciting :-)

Please contact me at

Send me an email if you’d like to learn how I could support you on your journey to really connect.

With all my love, Miri

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