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A Little Trick For A Better Day, Every Day

I want to share something with you, that is super easy and quick to do and is really beneficial - an ear massage. You heard me ;-)

A Little Trick For A Better Day, Every Day

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the ears are a microcosmos of the body, and we can find the entire body mapped across them, just like reflexology - but with the ears.

We can find points on the ears that relate with specific organs and conditions in the body and treat symptoms like digesting issues, mood disorders, pain and addictions. But really, if you take only a few minutes of your time to massage your ears, you will boost your general health, because you will have essentially massaged the whole body.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach is holistic by nature, meaning, you always look at the person as a whole and help them find a relief from whatever is bothering them today. When you take the time to invigorate your internal organs, you help regulate your emotions as well, and can even gain a clearer mind. A massage is a very good way of doing that, and a self ear massage is a nice little shortcut that brings a wide range of benefits.

There are more than a hundred acupuncture points on the ear and they cover the skeletal system, the muscular system, internal organs, nervous system and well, pretty much everything!

All you have to do is simply rub and massage your entire ear, from the ear lobe all the way to the top, and then on the inside and on the back side of your ears.

Extra points if you also massage in front of and behind your ears ;-)

My suggestion:

Find a moment in your daily routine to add a little ear massage. Could be after you brush your teeth in the morning, after a shower, or in the shower, on the toilet?.. And just make a habit out of it. It is easy, simple, quick and it works like magic.

Give it a go, and let me know what you think :)

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