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Magical Games

Last night when I was lying in the boys room waiting for them to fall asleep I started thinking, oh man, it’s going to take so long and I’ve got so much to do but here I am stuck in here… I looked at the clock and realised it has only been like three minutes since I got in there. I wondered if I could tell when it’s been another three minutes and decided that the next time I’ll check the time it would be 20:22.

Magical Games

Guess what?

It was!

I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been playing this game for about seven or eight years now, and it works every. Single. Time.

I was obviously ecstatic that I got it right, and I decided to play again. Next time I will check the clock it will show 20:25. Haha, it was that indeed!

Ori was still awake and I knew that if he notices me getting out of the room he will want me by his side so I stayed and played again :-)

So much fun.

It made me feel super connected. Connected to the “one” who knows the time :-)

It made me feel happy and excited that I know how to trust. And it made me think about when I first learned how to trust in the universe and in all that is, and how to accept what is and know that I’ve got some power over the reality that I am living.

It reminded me of when I read this book about seven years ago which suggested to write a complete profile of the man of my dreams. I was single and ready. Ready to be true to myself and ready to trust. So I wrote a whole paragraph describing this general but very specific person. There was even a story in that book of a woman who did the same thing but forgot to specify in which state of the country she wanted to find that man and she ended up having a happy but long distance relationship for a while. I remember chuckling at that and dismissing it as nonsense. Besides, I wasn’t even sure myself where I was going to live. And here I am half way across the world… living so happily with the man of my dreams.

When you play the clock game, it’s fun because there is nothing to lose. You either get it right or you don’t. It may happen the way you intended it to or it won’t. There is no guilt about it not working, no shame and no extreme emotions of anger or depression. It’s just a silly game. A fun silly game.

I took the same attitude and started playing the man of my dreams game :-)

I wrote a specific enough list of what I wanted to have in that relationship so that I’ll be able to recognise it when I see it, and I believed.

I stopped following paths that led me in different directions and followed my intuition instead. I loved where it was taking me and I allowed myself to be curious and open minded to the possibility of me actually getting everything that I had ever dreamed of.

I feel like this experience of designing my possible future and then meeting Ben and having this amazing relationship together have really brought clarity into my sense of connection.

I now know for sure that I get to have a say in my future experiences and that I am never alone in creating that future for myself. I am guided through intuition and inspiration. Intuition to choose this over the other and inspiration to move in a certain direction or to specific action. Like I was inspired to write this post now, even though I “should” be packing for our move in a couple of weeks ;-)

Best magical game ever:

  • Sit in front of a clock and look at the time.

  • Decide what time you would like it to be when you look at it next and see it within your minds eye.

  • If it’s a digital clock see the numbers you will see, and if it’s an old school clock imagine the shape of the dials.

  • Close your eyes and relax.

  • Trust that it’s going to show you what you want to see.

  • Have fun!

Are you going to give it a go?


As soon as I finished writing this post Ben walked in and I was excited to show him what I wrote. He read it then grinned and said, well, you won’t believe it but I had just found a list that I wrote in 2007(!!!!) of my perfect future life partner! And totally forgot about.

Whaaat?? ;-)

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