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I'm Free

To think whatever I wanna think.

I'm Free

Whatever it is that is going on in my world, I can always take a break from my “reality” and think differently about it. Even if I don't yet believe that things can possibly be any different, it always makes me feel a bit better about them.

Whenever I think about something that either happened or didn’t happen and it makes me feel bad, I try to find something good about it. Good people, good outcomes, something hopeful, just because it makes me feel better. I'm not ignoring the badness or trying to diminish it, only focusing on something more positive, which allows me to move forward.

Feeling good is important to me.

When I was a young adult I felt rotten allot of the time about things that happened in my past, things that were happening at the time and the possible lack of happiness in my future. Sometime around my mid twenties I got so fed up of feeling this way, I started reading heaps of self help type books, books about things like emotional intelligence etc.

Being aware of my thoughts and the fact that I can navigate them, is one of the really empowering ideas that I’ve learned to help me turn around and face the direction of where I really want to be.

Working with your mind is simple, there's no one else in there but you :-) and you are free to set the judgment aside and see for yourself how it feels to shift a negative thought into a more positive one.

One way to do it is to write down a negative thought that you’ve got and then write three reasons why you think it’s true. Then turn your negative statement into a positive one and write down three reasons why it can be true. This exercise is an easy way to learn how our minds work and how it can trick us into feeling a certain way.

Getting your thoughts out of your head and into a piece of paper can really help in getting allot of clarity and insights into what it is that you are really thinking, and how it’s making you feel. Making your mind work for you and finding thoughts that empower you is an awesome way to take back control over who you think you are.

What I've discovered is, if I want to think badly about anything then I can, and my mind will gladly assist me by providing more and more examples of how much it sucks…

And if I want to think the best of the best about something then I am for sure free to do that as well, and my mind will keep bringing up more proof of how truly magnificent it is.

Thinking badly about myself or anyone else really, no matter how justified I believe it to be, feels awful.

I don't want to feel awful anymore. I have spent a big chunk of my life feeling that way and it kept attracting more and more reasons to feel bad.

Thinking good things about yourself simply feels better. The more you practice it the more you believe it, and the more you believe it the more reasons you find to really and truly love yourself. Not that we should need a reason to love ourselves! ;-)

Now I know that if I’m feeling bad about anything, I am free to soak in that feeling and be miserable for as long as I want. And when I’m ready I can choose to take a break from it and find thoughts that feel better to me.

If it's really loaded and I can’t find my way out of it, then I can always stop and think about my favourite beach in Thailand, which always makes me feel happy :-)

I can go back to thinking about whatever it was some other time, and it may not feel as bad later.

I really believe that’s how I got myself to the other side of the world, living with the man of my dreams, being free to stay home with my two boys end enjoy this time of our lives together. I gave myself permission to be free in my thoughts and let myself believe it to be true. Pretty much everything in my reality had changed since then, my circumstances, my relationships, the way I feel and the way I deal with whatever comes my way.

So the question is, do you feel free?

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